The event industry has been at the core of what we do ever since we began. We're proud to say that, after decades in the industry, we're still going strong.

We believe that we've achieved that milestone with a combination of our creative talent, technical expertise & a burning passion for our art. It's this combination that has taken us across the UK & Europe. As well as numerous years at performing arts venues in Aberdeen, & the surrounding areas.

We've covered simple requests for a radio microphone, a smoke machine, or a VGA splitter to complete event production. Typically, complete event production would include our industry standard steeldeck staging, power distribution, audio, visual, & lighting systems.

It's this capability that enhances events around the North of Scotland.

However, we never rest upon our laurels. We're always striving to upgrade, & improve the delivery of our service. This could be through additional, industry related, courses & training. Or a recent example of upgrading within our hire inventory. We believe we're leading the field with our recent investment in loudspeaker technology. Our new voice is networked EAW NTL720/NTS250 loudspeakers. Combined with a choice from our range of digital mixers. A truly digital audio system on a U.Net, & controlled via EAW "Pilot" software. We're proud to wave goodbye to analogue. Something important to say? An audience that agrees your message is important. Make the connection. EAW is our voice.

Subsequently our networked system was installed in the Beach Ballroom for Aberdeen City Council on a long term contract.

Your Event?

We've also been investing with Lanta LED lighting. However, on this occasion. We still believe there's still a role for the good old lantern (light). Therefore, to bring your event to life with the brighest, warmest & intense mixture of colours. Our lighting design willl use a combination of traditional & modern lighting technology from our range of dimmer packs, fresnels, profiles, par cans & floods mixed with LED wash, pinspots & moving heads. Additionally, if the client has a special request? I.e a gobo with a corporate image or special fx. We're happy to include this within the lighting design. Whatever your event? Why not show yourself off in the best light?

Your Event?

Our most recent addition was the delivery of a pair of 50" HD flat screens. These screens will compliment our existing hire inventory of projectors, screens & Kramer hardware. Want your message to be seen?

Your Event?

We shouldn't forget to mention the smaller, however no less important, tasks that we attend to whilst handling major contracts. Often, we're also contracted to handle the Health & Safety book. Having the experience, & qualifications from Nebosh & IoSH obviously helps with the delivery of that service. Also, when a requirement is identified? A suitable assistive hearing system, recording facilities, or backline. We carry Ampeg & Crate combo's within our hire stock.

Finally, & most vitally. All of this is supported with a valid PLI certificate.

It's your event. Everyone's involved.

Our installation service has been a natural evolution from our event service. We found ourselves being consulted by clients, who trusted our skills & experiences, to draw up "fit for purpose" system design(s). Once the contract has been agreed. We would then proceed to complete the installation of the specified audio/visual equipment. Typical, completed, contracts have involved flat screens & projectors, DMX lighting systems, low & high impedance audio systems, flightcases, radio microphones.

However, we realise that it's not only your installation, but, our reputation. We won't be found lacking in either instance. We take pride in delivering systems that are, crucially "fit for purpose". Therefore, from our experience. We see very little, if any, returns from our installation contracts. We would like to think our varied list of clients & installation contracts from around the North of Scotland would demonstrate this. Indeed, as technology moves forward. We've found ourselves returning to orginal contracts to undertake an upgrade.

A recent example would be Dickson Hall, Laurencekirk. Aberdeenshire. Originally installed, EAW 100V loudspeaker & Ampetronic assistive hearing systems. Returned for major upgrade to hall. The list of supplied. & installed equipment includes:

AKG microphones
Ampetronic induction loop amplifier
DBX & Lexicon dynamic processors
EAW digital matrix, loudspeakers & amplification
Kramer matrix
Mackie mixer & loudspeakers
Sony projectors & screens

This installation also received the initial introduction training session, & a one year on site call out warranty. An additional bonus for the client was that the existing EAW & Ampetronic equipment was retained, & installed in a smaller room in Dickson Hall.

After all, it's your installation.

References from past & present clients available upon request.

Glad to announce that ProtecAV will be supplying the rehearsal & recording audio equiprment for the new community centre at Fraserburgh. Brands include AKG, ART, BSS, DBX, Klotz, Mackie & Lexicon. This contract follows on from our previous business with Aberdeenshire Council.

"That's a great quote" The recent reply received from Mr Wheeler, Aberdeenshire Council. Admittedly, it's always satisfying to hear such words. However, you can be assured. We work hard to gain those accolades, & your business.

The above mentioned scenario eventually led to the supply of equipment from Mackie audio & Lanta lighting.

Typically, when requested to provide a design/quote? ProtecAV will also complete the installation. However, on occasions when the potential client is able to supply a list of particular items? We are equally happy to win your business on a supplier only basis. More often than not, we are able to compete very competitively with most other suppliers. Whether that's local or national.

We back up our after sales service with additional training, information, instructions & servicing. ProtecAV have often delivered on site detailed training sessions on sound & lighting equipment. Whether it's equipment supplied? Or existing equipment in a town hall/community centre? Whilst on site, we will provide all the necessary information, instructions & servicing details that will enable you to gain the maximum from your system(s).

We believe this concept works for our numerous clients, & ourselves. Why not see for yourself?

Whether it's a specific new or used item? Custom made flightcases? A list of consumables such as smoke fluid, cable & connectors, lamps, filters? Or you would like to breathe new life into your existing equipment with a good old service? References available upon request.

It's your product. Try us?

Keep an eye on our " For sale" page. Quality used equipment @ value for money prices. That page has been the source for a single microphone, through to a complete loudspeaker system. Most recent used sales figures include, Yamaha graphic eq, Alesis & Roland fx, Rean patchbay, T.Box loudspeakers, Behringer crossover, 2U SKB flightcase. Our largest used sale to date was a complete Mackie Fussion loudspeaker system to the The Yard nightclub, Montrose.

The sales page features new audio and lighting equipment from our Industry Partners.